The width of the Clip Ons.

Hey Folks,

I have been asked a lot recently for the full millimeter sizing chart of the clip ons so here it is…

Skinny Rectangle
Width Height
43mm 22mm
45mm 24mm
47mm 26mm
49mm 28mm
51mm 30mm
53mm 32mm
55mm 34mm
57mm 36mm
Round Rectangle
43mm 26mm
45mm 28mm
47mm 30mm
49mm 32mm
51mm 34mm
53mm 36mm
55mm 38mm
44mm 28mm
46mm 30mm
48mm 32mm
50mm 34mm
52mm 36mm
54mm 38mm
Skinny Oval
44mm 26mm
46mm 28mm
48mm 30mm
50mm 32mm
52mm 34mm
42mm 32mm
44mm 34mm
46mm 36mm
49mm 37mm
51mm 39mm
53mm 41mm
48mm 36mm
50mm 38mm
52mm 40mm
54mm 42mm
56mm 44mm
58mm 46mm
60mm 48mm
62mm 50mm

Hope This Information Helps!

Talk soon,

P.S. If you need a millimeter conversion tool click this link…

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  1. Mark Robertson says:

    Thanks thats a great help.

  2. Emmett Brown says:

    my glasses are 59 x 19 do you have anything

  3. nick says:

    i need a pair of polarized clip on sun glasses 55Wx47H do you have them in brown lenses

  4. Fred Casale says:

    I have rectangle 2inch long and 1 1/4 height

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