How to Size Clip On Sunglasses

4 Quick Steps To Find The Right Sized Clip Ons

All you have to do is follow these 4 quick steps to ensure you
find the right clip on size for your glasses.

Here’s what you’ll need to get this done.

- Ruler (inch ruler is fine, millimeter ruler would be more
accurate and let you skip step #3.)

- Reasonably accurate measurements

- A little patience.

Remember folks, measuring is an art not a science. You
want to match the size of your glasses to the size of our clip
ons, get as close to the measurements as you can.

So are you ready to find your clip ons? If so grab your ruler
and glasses. Off we go…

Keep in mind that when sizing clip ons for your glasses to use
the measurements of ONE LENS ONLY. You will
need only one lens worth of measurements to find the right fit,
no reason to make more work for yourself by measuring both

Step #1 – Have a look at the shape
of your glasses. There are 6 different clip on shapes
available that match up with your glasses, choose the
shape that looks the closest to your existing glasses.
See below for the different shapes available and start
the process of finding your very own Clip On Sunglasses.

Rectangle Skinny Rectangle Round Rectangle Oval Skinny Oval Navigator
Step #2 – Starting from the left
side of your glasses measure the length (from left to
right) of ONE LENS. Just put your ruler or measuring
tape across the glasses (from left to right) and write
down the measurement.

This is how you should be measuring your
glasses (from left to right).
Step #3 – If you used a mm ruler to
measure the length of your glasses skip this step. If
you used an inch ruler, plug your measurement into the
inch to mm conversion calculator tool.
here to access
. Write it down, this is your mm size!
Step #4 – With both the shape of
your glasses (ex: skinny rectangle) from step #1, and
size (ex: 51mm) from step #2 and/or #3, select the clip
on shape and size that best fits your glasses. Select
your desired frame color and that’s it!

How Do I Select My Glasses For Clip Ons???

Below is the 4 step process to select your  clip ons.

Keep in mind when you are measuring, it is from the middle of one lens to the other side of that same lens. That is where we come up with the mm.

#1 – Choose Your Shape

We have 6 different shapes
to choose from. Choose the one that best fits the shape of
your glasses.

Rectangle Skinny Rectangle Round Rectangle Oval Skinny Oval Navigator

#2 – Choose Your Frame & Lens Color

There are 4 different frame colors to choose from, and 2
lens colors. Generally our customers try to match their
existing glasses.

Smoke Lens & Black Frame Smoke Lens & Gunmetal Frame Amber Lens & Gold Frame Amber Lens & Tortoise Frame

#3 – Choose Your Size

Since the clip have a spring system, they will stretch to
fit your glasses. What you want to measure is the individual
lens of your glasses with a mm ruler. There is a video below
to demonstrate. Also, if you need a ruler you can download it here.

#4 – Place Your Order

All of our Clip On Sunglasses are in stock everyday, and we
have over 60 different sizes and shapes. So we do have a fit
for your glasses!

Click here to browse our selection of Clip On Sunglasses.

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