5 Quick steps to find your clip ons

Hey Folks, So there’s lots of info on the site to find a right fit for your clip ons, but I’ll summarize most of it here for you so you can quickly find the info you need. Let’s do it. #1 – Grab a ruler and measure 1 lens, from left to right. Pop that number into the millimeter conversion tool here*. That’s your measurement. #2 – Now repeat step 1 but measure the height of your...

I just revised the shop!

Hey guys, I just revised the way you shop at PolarizedClipOn.com. Here is the full step-by-step process. #1 – Select your frame shape. #2 – Select your lens and frame color preference. #3-4 – Select your size, and click add to cart. And that’s it. If you want a full demo video on how to figure out your measurement click here. Also, check this full video out on how to...
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